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But, pretending this app is for parents is inaccurate and undercutting the cool features that could exist if this app was truly a “kids” app.

I will admit, I did find the features to be a little juvenile for a kid 8 years old but since Fitbit and other devices are only sold for kids over the age of 13 (because they are NOT legally approved for kids according to their privacy policy), this was one of the few options fitness tracker options on the market for my son.

Since the parents are COPPA verified in the i OKids Parent App, Garmin can easily gain the verifiable parental consent from parents for their kid’s use of the Vivofit Jr. It would reduce parent setup time because with the i OKids parental consent, the kid’s i OKids profile information would auto-populate the user account information.

As kids reach their daily 60 minute activity goals which are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, fun facts and the adventure trail, is unlocked in a “parent managed app” that inspires kids to do their best every day.The visualization of molecularly labeled structures within large intact tissues in three dimensions is an area of intense focus.We describe a simple, rapid, and inexpensive method, i DISCO, that permits whole-mount immunolabeling with volume imaging of large cleared samples ranging from perinatal mouse embryos to adult organs, such as brains or kidneys.It also permitted imaging of single degenerating axons in adult brain and the first visualization of cleaved Caspase-3 in degenerating embryonic sensory axons in vivo, even single axons.i DISCO enables facile volume imaging of immunolabeled structures in complex tissues.