Too intimidating girls

In a world where everyone seems to be running a marathon or triathlon, the gym has secured its place at the centre of many people's lives.

Large companies offer workout rooms in their buildings, big cities have one on every corner, and ‘at the gym’ is now even a Whats App status.

“I think it goes on without a doubt,” says Louis Durkin, manager of the men-only bodybuilding gym Muscleworks. If the woman isn’t as good-looking and he wants to use the equipment, he’ll look at her unfavourably.

Currently two million fewer women than men participate in sport and exercise regularly.“If it’s a man who does badly, you’ll be like ‘haha’ and laugh at them.” Great. It seems that, in the gym, women are either seen as attractive, pitiable or plain annoying.“Women historically are on their phone, or looking at their phone while they exercise,” says Durkin.How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?To the Girl who’s been told she’s intimidating, You know who you are; the girl who walks into the party and everything instantly gets louder.