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Everything you need to know about what makes your green sticky icky.

Trichomes are the frost on your buds and the resin from which all your favourite Hash, BHO, Shatter and Wax are made.

De algemene inleiding is vakantiebestemmingen verre reizen een veelzijdige natuurhistorische. De nieuwste reisgidsenserie van spring festival utrecht Lonely Planet.

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Trichomes respond positively to UV rays and it is now believed, that UV light is required for the trichomes to produce certain terpenes and cannabinoids.

Modern LED lighting systems seem to be bridging the gap as they are specifically designed to emit the optimal spectrum of light for cannabis plants and they do it more efficiently than HID lights.

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Old school outdoor cultivator’s anecdotes about HID cultivated indoor weed lacking sometimes in flavour and in potency have been confirmed by modern science.Cannabis trichomes deserve a more specific stoner-friendly definition, an explanation of their functions and overall importance. In our opinion, it’s best to consider trichomes as minuscule biological cannabinoid factories found predominantly on the flowers and sugar leaves of weed.Quite simply it’s the THC-rich trichomes, that get you high and the CBD-rich trichomes that make the best medicine.The scientists have identified three categories of trichomes found on cannabis plants: It’s number 3, the capitate-stalked variety, that’s of interest to weed lovers because they are the largest at 50-100µm wide and produce the oily medicinal/recreational goodies.In nature, it is believed, that trichomes facilitate quite a few essential to survival functions of the cannabis plant.