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No guarantees you won’t just end up with a “dick pic” (or boobies) at the end of the night, but 95% of the time I’ve receive a message even after a quick interaction. 😉 As with all of life’s adventures, be safe and have fun!

How to Make Them: Vistaprint – cost me including shipping for 250 cards (hilarious I know) Judge if you will, but THESE WORK!

We then walked out of the restaurant, said our goodbyes and take cares, and that was it. Men, I'm told all men think alike, so help me out here; what do you think was going on in this guy's head? And you would enjoy continuing the conversation at another time.

Literally had your profile picture and name with the easy convenience of just printing them out at Walmart! You did something super uncommon in this technological age and it IS noticed. Dodge the Delays – It takes approximately 3-5 minutes to open contacts, open the add section, hand over the phone or type in the persons information.

That situation died faster than the music career of the Baha Men.

One of my friends at work thinks I should give it a couple of days and then send a simple 2-3 lines email. He was very interesting to me and honestly, you don't run into people like him everyday, but I feel so weird doing what my friend is suggesting. Naive thread, I know What's going on in that man's head is that he saw you sitting there alone, was attracted to you, and decided to do something about it.

She thinks he must have been interested and has done his part to show that (sitting same table & business card) and there was nothing further he could do. He would not have done that and stayed 15 minutes afterward to talk if that weren't the case and he didn't feel like the conversation went well.