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It looks identical to a D3 chipset apart from the board serial number (generally serial numbers starting E or below are D3, F or above are D3-2) but the DVD mode has been removed from the drive, frustrating attempts to load any discs not sanctioned by Nintendo.

An alternative is to replace the D3-2 chipset with an older revision, or getting a D3-2 compatible drivechip which must load via USB or SD. Originally referred to as the D3-mini it uses a smaller PCB, about half the size of its predecessors.

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Following the D3, a newer chipset known as the D3-2, was released.Later, Nintendo covered part of the drive with epoxy to prevent drivechip installation.The epoxy can be removed, but doing so risks chipset damage.Many vendors now presolder the chip to the clip, making it a true solderless kit.The newer fourth generation of drivechips do not require soldering; they sit between the connection to the Wii and the disc drive.