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Reflecting on her time on the show, Strictly super fan Susan departed the show with an emotional tribute to her partner Kevin, gushing: 'He may not have won the Glitterball this year but he's won Strictly for me.' Tess Daly has wowed us again on tonight’s Strictly Come Dancing, with the help of stylist James Yardley.

Her gorgeous dress is a bespoke design by Suzanne Neville, a brand with a vast celebrity following which includes Stacey Solomon, Ashley James and Jacqueline Jossa.

Her father Lionel recently expressed his concerns over her new relationship.

Cosying up to one another, the pair didn't seem fazed by the criticism of their budding new romance, as they left the restaurant.

• Appreciating the Pulps The stories in the old pulp magazines may feel dated, due to old science and done-to-death clichés, and some espouse outdated beliefs that are no longer socially acceptable.

As a genre, these stories capture something unique, especially from a historical standpoint, that makes them valuable. Why do the pulps still hold sway over the imagination? • We Don’t Need Another Hero Tina Turner sang her iconic balad “We Don’t Need Another Hero.” More and more we are seeing bands of protagonists pulling together to fulfil the role of “The Hero.” Has the Scooby Gang-Effect changed the way we think about story?

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'They literally look at me like I’m an alien, they’re like, you are so weird,' said the teenager.Take note from Tess and pick up one of the décolletage-baring dresses in the carousel below.With prices starting at under £20, we’ve got every budget accounted for. Everyone from wardrobe, make-up, the runners, you and lovely Claudia, Zoe on It Takes Two, the beautiful judges who have brought such light into my life every single week.'Everyone involved in the show, the audience, everyone who voted for us, we got far further than we thought we would.' She then ended her speech by paying tribute to those who have supported her - most notably Kevin, who she gushed had changed her life by teaching her how to dance.the lead is shown torturing someone “heroically” followed by a mob boss torturing someone “evilly.” In this session we discuss the hows and whys this dichotomy can have developed and whether it is time to start challenging the notion of good torture on screen.• Kaffeeklatsch: Phil Foglio, Les Johnson, Bradford Lyau, Scott Lynch How do you write a novel that features many, many characters with parallel/divergent plot lines that must be woven together seamlessly? What tools, tips, techniques, and research approaches are useful? How do you plan for and execute multiple plot lines?